Because Change Works

Needs, markets, strategies, technology, fashion, life – everything changes, and so do we. Is that always pleasant? No – but it’s necessary. Do we have to invest anything in it? Yes – but we ultimately get a lot more in return. We think that, in order for something to be better, it must be different. We know that CHANGE WORKS.
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Making it Real


Every what needs a how:
Without long-time industry and practical experience, even the strongest consultancy power counts for nothing. But inversely, well-founded expertise is also useless if it’s not used and imparted through effective methods. At TAILORIT, these key competence areas combine to form a perfect unit. Because only a combination of extensive industry and technical knowledge and a wide range of tried-and-tested consulting strategies can promptly advance projects and allow businesses to move ahead.

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On March 17th representatives from the retail industry came together at TXT e-solutions’ “Thinking Retail Planning” Symposium in London to discuss the transformation of end-to-end merchandise management with the clearly defined objective of creating more customer-driven assortments. TXT e-solutions in particular demonstrated how assortment planning and allocation solutions can help to quickly and efficiently satisfy local demand.


“Omni-Channel” remains the buzzword of the moment. Ready for the customers of the future – this is the goal that all fashion retailers have set for themselves. In light of this, TAILORIT already presented the importance of RFID as an enabler for omni-channel retailing at an event in The Netherlands at the beginning of the year. The discussion will continue in April at the event “Omni-Channel with RFID”, hosted by  NordicID, the Finnish manufacturer of RFID readers.