Because Change Works

Needs, markets, strategies, technology, fashion, life – everything changes, and so do we. Is that always pleasant? No – but it’s necessary. Do we have to invest anything in it? Yes – but we ultimately get a lot more in return. We think that, in order for something to be better, it must be different. We know that CHANGE WORKS.
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Experience Store


There is a lot of talk about the future of retail and the challenges it bears, but we have made our vision a reality and thereby tangible for all. In the Experience Store exp37 you will experience an innovative, comprehensive no-line commerce concept.

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Experience Store exp37


Making it Real


Every what needs a how:
Without long-time industry and practical experience, even the strongest consultancy power counts for nothing. But inversely, well-founded expertise is also useless if it’s not used and imparted through effective methods. At TAILORIT, these key competence areas combine to form a perfect unit. Because only a combination of extensive industry and technical knowledge and a wide range of tried-and-tested consulting strategies can promptly advance projects and allow businesses to move ahead.

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Unpredictable consumer behavior in today’s complex no-line-commerce environment is creating entirely new challenges for merchandise planning. Merchandise planning has to actively think, plan ahead, adapt and learn – thanks to intelligent algorithms, that have the ability to develop precise, reliable recommendations in real-time.


Omni-Channel is out. “No-line” is the new buzzword. Because it doesn’t matter where or in which channel the customer interacts with your brand – what matters is that the customer is offered a holistic and simultaneously unique brand experience. This is what the Experience Store exp37 in Düsseldorf is all about. Through the integration of offline retail with meaningful digital services a holistic customer journey and thus an exceptional shopping experience is showcased.