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Always the right price at the right time: Profit from the bargain hunting of customers!

Posted on 01/10/18 by Magdalena Kozik - Consultant

The statutory regulations on which end-of-season sales used to be based have long been abolished. Nowadays, retailers permanently reduce prices and luminous red sale signs are visible almost year-round in the shop windows of fashion houses. Many retailers advertise reductions on a wide variety of occasions and thus take part in the ongoing price war. Today's price transparency turns customers into bargain hunters, who easily compare prices online and afterwards buy products at the cheapest shop.

Trend Forecasting 2.0 – Social media analysis instead of gut feel

Posted on 12/06/17 by Merle Vick - Consultant

Das Trend Forecasting liefert unentbehrlichen Input für die Planung erfolgreicher Fashion Retailer. Akkurate Voraussagen über Konsumenten Trends sind die entscheidende Informationsbasis für das Strategic Line Planning, aus der sich die Vorgaben für Markenausrichtung und Produktentwicklung ableiten. Die Herausforderung des Trend Forecasting ist es, relevante Muster anhand unterschiedlichster Informationsquellen zu identifizieren und zu kanalisieren.

Im Prä-digitalen Zeitalter wurden Trends auf Reisen zu internationalen Modemessen, bei den Schauen visionärer Modehäuser oder anhand innovativer Streetstyles in Trendmetropolen aufgespürt.

BPM as the foundation for digitalization

Posted on 11/22/17 by Christoph Phlippen - Consultant

In our previous blog posts, we explained that digitalization means converting analog data into digital data. Digitalization describes the automation of business processes through a stronger networking of digital technology, information and people. Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all’ model for digital transformation. It is regarded as imperative to establish digitalization in the company step-by-step. We do not talk exclusively about integrating digital technologies, but rather about doing things differently and creating a significant added value for customers.

On the way to the customer – first measure, then optimize!

Posted on 11/08/17 by René Preloger - Partner

“However beautiful the strategy you should occasionally look at the results.” – Sir Winston Churchill

Customer orientation is a central component of any strategic orientation in the apparel industry. An optimally adjusted supply chain is an obligatory prerequisite to meet ever-changing customer requirements and to enable individual customer experiences. The supply chain should therefore be oriented to the customer, be flexible and differentiated at the same time and nevertheless be managed cross-company.

On the way to the customer – Use the potential of your supply chain

Posted on 10/05/17 by René Preloger - Partner

The sneaker from the latest influencer cooperation? ASOS has them available! Next day express delivery to the front door? Also no problem. These are not empty promises: the speed and availability of fashion seems unlimited.

Consumer expectations are changing and at the same so is the complexity and dynamic of the fashion industry. Not only are news and information spread much quicker than ever, but new trends and hypes are created and shared digitally as well. Customers expect new and innovative products on a regular basis – because after all, everyone is completely connected and always shows what one has.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Digitalization: Part 5

Posted on 09/06/17 by Mirco Schönebeck - Principal

“It’s a tough galaxy. If you want to survive out here, you’ve got to know where your towel is”. (Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

Okay, knowing where your towel is doesn’t necessarily help you have a clear plan when heading into the digital era. This is something that you should develop once you’ve defined your vision (see part 4) and which will give credibility to the implementation of your digital strategy.