Only an intelligent store is good business: Shopping Experience via RFID

Shopping Experience via RFID

The fashion industry is unanimous. Brick-and-mortar retail can compete with other sales channels only if it builds on its inherent strength: providing a fascinating shopping experience, in a way that is only possible in physical stores.

The shopping experience is made up of a multitude of facets, for instance, the availability of attractive products, a pleasant atmosphere and fitting store environment, motivated and customer-oriented employees, and a smooth checkout process – i.e. an experience with all senses. The prerequisite for a positive shopping experience is firstly perfection in processes, which ensures that the service promise is kept, and financial goals are achieved. Secondly, it’s the technology that supports this without attracting attention.

Technology-based solutions for a comprehensive, versatile and cross-channel interaction with the customer offer not only important growth opportunities, but also completely new identification potential with regard to products and consumers. One topic in particular is at the top of everyone’s agenda: RFID.

In this blog I’d like to give you a small a taste of the unexpected possibilities that RFID opens up in direct contact with the customer – how intuitively, spontaneously and surprisingly this technology can interact with, accompany, advise and convince him.


Nowadays a discerning, affluent and fashion-conscious consumer expects more from his favorite fashion retailer than merely having his needs satisfied. In the search for the perfect article or accessory, the journey is the destination – and this journey may certainly contain crossings or curves, detours or shortcuts. Only when the customer is immediately looked after, charmingly courted, competently accompanied and individually advised, only when he has purchased not only a material good but also received an emotional experience – only then has this critical consumer really been turned into a satisfied customer. Such customers will enjoy coming back again and again, they will stay longer and purchase more. After all, they know that not only are fascinating products waiting for them, but also shopping here is really fun – in fact, even a pleasant pastime.

A shopping experience must be unique for the customer and successful for the retailer. This is exactly where RFID creates the ideal conditions:

  • Ensuring the availability of the desired article or accessory in the right size and color
  • Automatic and contactless recognition of products at a digital touchpoint (e.g. info terminal or Intelligent Mirror) in order to display product information, supported by corresponding images and videos, scent and lighting

Tommy Hilfiger and the Adler fashion stores, for example, use intelligent changing rooms in selected stores that quickly and conveniently inform customers about products and collections beyond the usual level, with corresponding success. An indispensable basis for this is the high level of inventory accuracy – thanks to RFID. Another example is Karstadt’s Experience Store. Here, an own digital shopping world was created on 200 m², made possible by RFID: in changing rooms, on Smart Trays and during availability control.

What could a holistic customer journey look like thanks to the many possibilities of RFID? Find out in our White Paper “Shopping Experience by RFID”, available for download here (in German only). Or stay tuned for our next blog post!

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