Customer Experience

CRM Target Picture, Customer Journey Analysis and System Implementation

CRM Target Picture

The Challenge

  • Achieve a 360° view of the customer across all channels
  • Create transparency of the shopping behavior along the customer journey
  • Intensify business with existing customers and optimize new customer business
  • Enable need-based, personalized marketing and sales activities
  • Enable sales personnel to provide qualified, data-backed support in-store

Our Tasks

  • Develop the CRM vision, mission and strategic guidelines
  • Carry out customer journey analysis workshops (online, offline and no-line journeys) to identify “moments of truth”
  • Design the new organizational structure as well as new processes
  • Create CRM criteria catalogue and evaluate CRM providers
  • Implement the CRM system
  • Customize the CRM system according to the needs and demands of the client


  • Uniform understanding of CRM within the organization
  • Transparency over current customer behavior as well as customer expectations along the customer journey
  • Identification of pain points along the customer journey and definition of measures to improve the customer experience
  • Customer-centric definition of operative priorities
  • Implementation of a CRM system
  • Smooth transition from the strategy to the concept to the implementation