Customer Experience

Omnichannel Strategy, Customer Journey Design and Roadmap

Omnichannel Strategy

The Challenge

  • Develop the Omnichannel Strategy 2020
  • Define the omnichannel vision, mission and values
  • Define objectives and guiding principles for each department
  • Derive a customer journey for the personas
  • Harmonize existing and new initiatives
  • Transfer initiatives into a concrete roadmap with defined responsibilities

Our Tasks

  • Integrate best practice and project experiences
  • Workshop preparation, moderation and documentation
  • Analysis of weak points along the current customer journey
  • Development of new customer journeys
  • Planning of measures
  • Presentation of the strategy to the board


  • Orchestration of activities that were not previously holistically managed
  • Transparency of customer expectations along the customer journeys
  • Customer perspective ingrained in all involved departments
  • Customer-centric determination of operative priorities
  • Prioritized omni-channel roadmap as a basis for follow-up projects