Operational Excellence

Optimization of End-to-End Processes

Optimization of end-to-end processes

The Challenge

  • Streamline all processes from planning to the POS
  • Design an integrated target process, taking into consideration process time reductions
  • Design a sustainable IT system landscape
  • Optimize organizational structure in coordination with the target process concept

Our Tasks

  • Optimize end-to-end processes based on best practices
  • Define target processes and calculate corresponding process times
  • Develop a state-of-the-art organizational structure
  • Assess all IT systems and make recommendations for the future IT landscape (make or buy)
  • Develop a portfolio of measures and calculate the business case


  • Lean and efficient end-to-end processes, taking into consideration all necessary integration aspects
  • Significant process time reduction through implementation of new processes
  • Sustainable and efficient organization
  • Resilient business case as a decision basis for the adaption of the IT landscape
  • List of measures for next steps