Operational Excellence

Optimization of Product Development and Implementation of a PLM-System

Product development

The Challenge

  • Acceleration of product development to support the strategic brand focus
  • Implementation of a fully-integrated system
  • Ideal support of different supply chain modes
  • Reduction of lead times
  • Optimization and alignment of the data structure from design to sourcing
  • Integration of the suppliers into the process of development

Our Tasks

  • Project management
  • Professional support of the responsible departments on the basis of best-practices
  • Analysis of the existing data structure
  • Requirements specification
  • Test management
  • Communication management
  • Change management
  • Support of trainings


  • Improvement of flexibility, responsiveness and efficiency within product development
  • Reduction of lead time to 13 weeks in the rapid response program
  • Support of collection driven sourcing of finished goods
  • Go-live in time