With its white papers, TAILORIT has created a series of publications addressing the latest strategic and technological developments in the retail industry. These magazine-like publications illustrate which issues are currently driving the industry – with interesting background information and concrete facts for practical implementation.

How can digital touchpoints revive brick-and-mortar retail?

Brick-and-mortar retailers are fighting against decreasing traffic and competing for customers – what do retailers have to do in an increasingly digitalized world? TAILORIT found out.

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Social Media Marketing for Brick-and-Mortar Fashion Retail

Exploiting the potential of social media: this is the central topic of TAILORIT's study "Social Media Marketing for Brick-and-Mortar Fashion Retail". In this study, TAILORIT develops a Social Media User Guide, to help retailers conquer challenges of social media.

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Private Labels in Fashion Retailing

Private labels are one of the few growing drivers in multi-label retailing – but to be successful, the right strategy is necessary. This means: a holistic, integrative category management approach.

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Supply Chain Excellence

How can the supply chain help to provide the customer with an unforgettable shopping experience and create maximum product satisfaction? The answer: supply chain excellence.

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Operational Excellence by RFID

So what are the consequences for our own complex, fast-moving fashion retail industry? We need a strict organisational structure, easy access, quick processes and transparent information. In other words: We need to become and remain an example of operational excellence.

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Shopping Experience – Consumer & Retailer Insights 2014

What are the customers´ expectations? Where are trends & innovations developing in the market? What are the plans in fashion industry for the next two years?

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