The new shopping world: an omni-channel customer journey via RFID

Omni-Channel Customer Journey via RFID

The shopping world is changing rapidly. Today’s customers jump between channels expecting a seamless experience. They have a high demand for information, are looking for inspiration and expect specific product recommendations and reliability about the indicated availability of the merchandise. A pivotal technology that makes all this possible: RFID.

What could a customer journey look like nowadays thanks to the many possibilities of RFID? Let’s accompany Lena, a fashion-conscious and demanding customer, on her way to her dream outfit.

Lena’s shopping tour starts at home. During her online research, she discovered some gorgeous clothes and has already collected information on them, for example, in which store in her area she can find them. She opens the store’s app and puts these clothes on her wish list.

Since the retailer’s inventory data is based on RFID, the information in the online shop reflects the actual availability of the products in the store. Lena already knows the store from previous shopping trips: There she can not only find her favorite articles and matching accessories, but also fascinating product presentations and detailed product information which – unbeknownst to Lena – are triggered by RFID. Reason enough for Lena to make her way there.

When entering the store, Lena, or rather her smartphone, is automatically recognized via WiFi technology. Thus, Lena is immediately personally greeted by her favorite sales assistant. The sales assistant has already received the wish list from Lena’s customer app and has already prepared all products for Lena. Moreover, on her tablet she can see that Lena bought a mustard-colored coat during her last visit and thus she shows Lena the matching, newly arrived accessories.

As Lena is a regular customer of the store, she is taken to a separate VIP area where she is shown the latest collections and attractive combinations. Besides the products Lena has chosen in the store, the items from Lena’s online wish list are already in the changing room.

Lena selects a dress, tries it on and then looks around the store for items that match with it. As she passes an Intelligent Mirror, it recognizes the dress via RFID. Catwalk videos from fashion shows in which exactly this dress is presented appear on the mirror.

Through fade-ins on the mirror, Lena learns that this dress is also available in other colors. Thanks to the interactive mirror, she can also be inspired by different outfit combinations and find out where the proposed items are located in the store. She would also be able to get this information a few meters away at the information terminal. All these are many good reasons for Lena to drop by here again and again.

Lena has found another great dress and enters the fitting room. Its RFID label is also identified: The lighting in the fitting room changes and a film of a festive gala appears on the mirror. Thus, she can imagine how perfect she would look wearing this dress in such an elegant environment.

In addition, shoes and accessories that would perfectly complement her outfit are presented on the screen. Lena can define the criteria that the articles must meet – for example, certain wearing occasions or different styles. She can also see how different celebrities have already combined these outfits.

Lena particularly likes a presented silk scarf; she would like to try it on. She doesn’t have to leave the dressing room to look for the scarf in the store, because it is projected directly onto her reflection and adapts perfectly to her shapes and movements.

Besides the scarf, Lena is interested in a yellow bag and checks its availability. Unfortunately, the item is already sold out. No problem: Lena directly orders the bag from the online shop via the interactive display in the fitting room.

Now only a matching pair of shoes for the new outfit is missing. Here, too, Lena quickly finds what she’s looking for. Since each style is only presented in one size on the sales floor, she selects the model of her choice and carries it to the shoe distribution point. After registration with the Smartphone app via NFC, the shoes are automatically provided in the correct size at the output tray. Lena tries the shoes on, they fit perfectly – her new outfit is complete. Lena is thrilled and sends a photo of her virtual mirror image via Facebook to her best friend.

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